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Museum of Cambridge - Preserving the Past - Archiving

This afternoon I went with @WOMUMP and @ceb to a thing at the Museum of Cambridge where we talked about the challenges of preserving and displaying their collection and how, given limited space, you choose what to display and how you want to say that.

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Can threatening trans people on Twitter with defamation actions be harassment

Content warning: transphobia

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I don't have the effort to make the changes myself, but I think editing the templates in friendica/view/theme/*/templates could allow one to add a simple CW button to the Friendica comment/post editor UI to generate the bbcode abstract tag. More work would be needed to make this visible in Friendica itself, though it is converted on federation to something that Mastodon understands.

Water, sun, stone, beryl, borax, coal, saltpeter, acid, flow, new, headache, Magnesia, alum, flint, Venus, brimstone, pale green, lazy

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Do Americans really have washing machines that look like this? I worry about the structural integrity of the "waist"
Why don't they simplify it and make the washing machine front loading? I don't think I've ever seen a top loading washing machine in the UK
I get it. I never saw a front loader until I landed in Europe.

I wonder whether subscribing to the RSS feed of was actually such a clever idea...