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Stolen from Reddit, who stole it from Tumblr.
(we really do think memes have educational value though. there's no reason this stuff can't be fun. in fact, thinking about stuff because doing so is fun is arguably the most effective way to learn)
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@irenes All Memes Are Bullshit [as a meme]

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Please boost if you like French Fries, or if you feel like you're barely coping in a meaningless void of existence.
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French fries? Aren't they the ugly cousin of the real thing - chips?
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If I were still teaching methods, I could use these boost numbers to illustrate a double barreled question (triple barreled if you add "boosted for survey methods teachers" #sociology )

The fandom doesn’t kid around.
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Heather is truly one of the most amazing queer writers I've had the pleasure of discovering.

Fellow nerdy sapphics (or anyone else, really 😅) who want to read more of her stuff: Check out Cattywampus at – you won't regret it. 💪 Maybe start with or or

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Star Trek fans aren't a "protected class" .... yet.

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why starship consoles explode
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Because the prime directive requires that all post-warp technology be fitted with destructive charges, such that if capture or recovery by a pre-warp culture is anticipated, the damage may be minimized.
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they are designed by a disgruntled Microsoft developer.

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OMG I had to do a double take. dum dum me

Anxiety is my constant companion. I’m always anxious and it only varies in degrees. It’s been this way my entire life. Nothing really changes that fact.

Do you deal with anxiety?

#AskingAutistics #ActuallyAutistic @actuallyautistic

image: @worrywellbeing

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I try to be aware emotionally and physically which is difficult so when I feel 😬. I used to try to hide it from myself. Mostly because most things I tried didn’t work. Probably those memories were shaped when I was a different person. So if I take my old anxiety’s and acknowledge that happens and I wasn’t so aware I try and be incredibly kinder in general to myself. I also try to see what I was doing before the emotion sets in to process what came before.🧐
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Yup - I live with constant anxiety that waits for situations to blame. Given world events, my anxiety is skyrocketing. I use breathing meditation and EFT/Tapping to calm my body/mind.

I’m pleased to announce that almost all of the episodes of Just Plain Sense from Jan 2009 (episodes 52-90) have been archived on the Internet Archive. Approx 170 snapshots of the web site are also available through the WayBack machine. Access the audio content at
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Nanoleaf bulb is a rhombicosidodecahedron

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See, I was thinking this ever since I heard about this probe a few days ago. I think if it was NASA or the ESA then they wouldn't have been so terrible at naming, but presumably the dudebros who named this had just heard about a journey and some axes or something and thought that sounded cool?
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@natural20 “like 2001 a space odyssey bro!”
Brian Nisbet mastodon (AP)
@Astropub "If we send it to the moon, we could all, like, become Star Child, like, and get powers, bro!
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It's almost like those humanities courses were important after all.
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Wait, Odysseus isn't from Game of Thrones?
Brian Nisbet mastodon (AP)
@DetersHenning In the end it turned out that nobody would hold the door...

Many are asking this
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Content warning: Lab mice

legumancer Davy mastodon (AP)

oh no! Lol

Once when I was a kid, my biologist uncle asked my sister, cousins and I for ideas on getting rats to pee, because he needed urine samples. (My sister was the only one who had an idea. It was, "just squeeze them!") Now I wish I knew how to make rats *not* pee while I'm holding them.

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How to implement GPT in 500 lines of SQL:
Brahn mastodon (AP)
I remember my first Markov chain....
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well written explanation that no in fact this AI emperor has no clothes. Pattern matching. Yes. Getting quite good when scope is limited. But this is blatantly obvious because none of these AI firms particularly google are using these tools in their core business. Like detecting gmail spammers. And where used horrible results. Like current google search. Which is worst ever.

Today's legal conundrum. If I let you decide between red and green smarties and you decide on a blue one, did you make a decision?
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I made a decision but not in response to your request. Same as if you offered me red or green sweeties but I decided to, say, clean my glasses.
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Why don’t they build moon landers like weebles? (I assume there must be a reason!)

IM-1 update: Guess what?

They think… tipped over

#space #intuitivemachines

I was wondering if 10 series of Robot Wars taught us nothing? No srimech? No flipper? With the low gravity, imagine the potential for a backflip on the moon.
Edd mastodon (AP)
I watched enough Robot Wars growing up, all future lunar Landers need a srimech system built in.

If you defederate this then your children will be next
A friend who's new to fedi asked me for context for this. I regret that sometimes I am entirely context-free.
Sesquipedality mastodon (AP)
I know writers that use context and they are all cowards.
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If I'd had kids I could have been a context-free grandma

Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)

Combined answers from the Microsoft Community forum to the important question: "What's the maximum number of slides allowed in Microsoft PowerPoint?"

"Every slide is identified numerically by a Long number, meaning that the theoretical maximum is around 2,147,483,648"
"Personally, I make it a rule never to include more than 10,000,000 slides in a presentation. One slide a second is about all people can absorb at best, and very few audiences will sit there and absorb information at that rate for half a year."

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Americans wondering how on earth all the Taylor Swift fans got to last week’s concert at the Melbourne Cricket Ground when there’s no sea of car parking next to the stadium:
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Cheradenine Zakalwe sharkey (AP)
America hates public transit because it's available to poor people.

What makes a hole a gaping hole?

If you use a laptop with a trackpad which you can scroll with two fingers, and you don’t have a pinkie related disability, does your little finger do this?
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To add even more variety, when I use the first two fingers to do something, I keep the others curled, not sticking out.
@Ozzy The third is just about happy to be curled, but when it’s raised above the trackpad the pinkie feels like it has to be elevated too

Sarah Brown friendica
Out on the old SUP, GoPro mounted on the front, remote control shutter release on the paddle. Contre jour.
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Content warning: Did you know you can't use 'Beef Stew' as a password?

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Content warning: Did you know you can't use 'Beef Stew' as a password?

Content warning: Did you know you can't use 'Beef Stew' as a password?

There are white sauce, brown sauce, and orange sauce. The last one only just counts because it’s really named for the fruit not the colour. But ANYWAY can fedi think of any other sauces named for their colour?
ersatzmaus mastodon (AP)
@lnr @sesquipedality @karohemd That _is_ pink flavour. It's what 1980s airplane dessert tasted of.

I have no cheese!
huh, I just said out loud "Too much cheese!" I must have your allocation, soz

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Dear Lady Chief Justice....

Open Letter to the LCJ: HMCTS guidance on public access to courts


eel mia iceshrimp (AP)
people say the big class one railroads don't do innovation, but here is norfolk southern demonstrating their new folding trainset on the acela mainline

There are a few weird differences between opposite-sex marriage, same-sex marriage, and civil partnerships. In particular, in the grounds on which the partnerships can be annulled on the application of one partner.

The first is that same-sex marriages aren't voidable for reasons of non-consummation; basically it used to mean "PIV sex" and Parliament didn't fancy trying to define consummation for same-sex couples in legislation.

The stranger one is that only marriage is voidable for reasons of venereal disease.

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it's my birthday give me boosts :toot:
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Happy birthday, Tiddy. We'll never gonna give you up 😘

Not sure what it signifies that Thetford has a very gaudy statue of Thomas Paine, holding a copy of the Rights of Man upside down
Apparently (say the museum staff) the artist did it deliberately as a talking point. The gaudy paint job was recent, during lockdown.

Frankly i'm not really sure if i really qualify for impostor syndrome, i think a lot of people fit the diagnosis criteria much better than me
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Maybe I need to tone down the amount of bluesky in my feed. There appears to be discourse connecting Hamas to Goan trance music.

All sorts of people have tried to palm off doing real work on ChatGPT and friends. Has any legislature yet considered or passed legislation suspected of being autogenerated?

Bonus marks for working out how the rules of statutory interpretation apply to robotically created legislation

In accordance with tradition, +1, thanks to @Sarah Brown
1 has leaks about the Hugo censorship thing. I’m not convinced self-censorship is the whole story and there’s almost certainly more to come out. However if it is accurate about Kat Jones’ involvement she probably ought not to be involved in Glasgow’s Hugo admin.

My chin is an angry red from yesterday’s electrolysis session. But what can you do? Those hairs have to die!
Sion [main] mastodon (AP)
I guess I will be grateful that I never get any of that kind of reaction. Didn't get much with laser either. Getting a bit tired of having to be fuzzy enough for them to be accessible though.
@Sion [main] The 2-3 days of growth before a zapping are horrid. I just hate that bristly feeling. (It doesn’t look so bad as so many of my chin hairs are white)

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Apparently one of Willy Wonka's secret ingredients was flattened lentils.

He was a big fan of rolled dhal.

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Serge from Babka mastodon (AP)
I want to Like this, but then it means Liking something about
Roald Dahl. 🙁
Serge from Babka mastodon (AP)

I think the fact he's dead makes it easier for me to separate the art from the artist.

I like the art, for the most. The artist... less so.

marnanel mastodon (AP)

yes. I can't deny the old bastard was very talented.

"The Hitchhiker" is a pretty much perfect short story, for example.

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Well, I like Wagner's music, so... there's that.

Charlie Stross mastodon (AP)
The Ukrainian navy is just trolling now: the original Major Kunikov died on February 14th, 1943. They literally waited until the anniversary of his death to sink his nautical namesake.
『-𝚍𝚜𝚛-』 mastodon (AP)

@graydon @rabidchaos

There are, I think, 4 Virginia-class SSNs under construction.

... although they do have six vertical tubes for cruise missile launch.

Note for potential use by Charlie:

"The third ship of the [Seawolf] class, USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23), has a 100-foot hull extension called the multi-mission platform. This hull section provides for additional payloads to accommodate advanced technology used to carry out classified research and development and for enhanced warfighting capabilities."

That's nicely vague.

Charlie Stross mastodon (AP)
@dashdsrdash @graydon @rabidchaos There was a WHOLE LOT about the Jimmy Carter's hull extension in the book, "Blind Man's Buff", about the history of submarine espionage:

Sarah Brown friendica
I can only hope that one day the UK does similar to trans people.
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Does the “check” in “check your privilege” mean “assess, analyse”, or “stop, restrain”, or is it like hold baggage?
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Sion [main] mastodon (AP)
Or apply a grid-based pattern to it? No, probably not that one.
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xanna mastodon (AP)
@sparrowsion that's how you make sure it's intersectional
marnanel mastodon (AP)

the phrase started slightly after privilege checklists became a thing, so I think it's the first one.

Aliette de Bodard mastodon (AP)

Sometimes I love negative reviews: "While the inclusion of non-binary and lesbian characters was great to see, the sheer volume was disproportionate" 😂

If you want disproportionate queerness go buy A Fire Born of Exile

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Ampelios mastodon (AP)

I felt this way about Mercedes Lackey books when I was like, eleven.

So here's hoping it's a pretween babyqueer just working some feelings out.

Annie mastodon (AP)
What's negative about that review? Sounds like a positive review to me 🤭

Weird mixture of “yay life’s good” foreground reactions to the day with a background of “life’s crap” feels.

My doctor told me I needed orthopedic supports in my shoes. I didn’t believe it, but now I stand corrected.
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