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I appreciate this is far from where we want to be in a perfect world, but the Tories are heading towards “we will put you in death camps”, and given Labour’s reluctance to challenge them on anything, this is probably better than we can hope for.

If you are in touch with Labour peeps, especially your MP, it’s worth letting them know that this stuff is appreciated. They get a LOT of shit from the other side. It’s worth us pushing back.

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Matthew Hodson on Section 28…

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and that aids was the gay plague sent to punish said gay people.
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@Estarriol The Old @Christine Burns MBE 🏳️‍⚧️📚⧖ one of my formative memories from the early eighties is being at my grandparents’ house and my aunts and uncles joking about AIDS.

Don’t like that side of the family.

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I had a brief moment of “oh god, my kids do StageCoach, am I giving money to a horrible person”, then realised that Brian Souter’s Stagecoach is not the kids acting/singing/dancing company!

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Content warning: Boost with CW, response to medical transphobia

Good news: it appears that repeated mRNA vaccinations promotes a broad spectrum inhibitory response to coronavirus infection.

I’ve had 5 mRNA vaccines and I know I’ve been repeatedly exposed to Covid since and just not caught it. I guess that’s why.

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I mean, I definitely caught the 'Rona after my first vaccination, but I've not been ill at all since (yet, I'm exhausted following my show run, so I'm just waiting to be hit...)

I feel like I have a “brand”, and that brand is “slightly psychotic middle aged tomboy trans lesbian”.

And brands must be maintained.

So when it’s time to descale the kettle, and other people use vinegar …

r/AskEurope be like, “what are the income thresholds for being different social classes in your country” and all the Brits are like, “this question makes invalid assumptions all the way down”.

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Me, with a time machine: Good news Pyotr Ilyich! You will be remembered as one of the best composers of all time!

Tchaikovsky: That IS good news! Thank you, time travelling stranger!

Me: … largely for the 1812 overture.

Tchaikovsky: <endless screaming>

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Me: LOL c'mon, I was kidding

Tchaikovsky: *cools down a little* oh?

Me: There'll be these 3 minutes from "The Nutcracker", too, y'know, the cheesy plonky ones?

<screaming resumes>

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@Vic sorry, must dash. Have to go and have a chat with Camile about the Carnival of the Animals.
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I've got to go and tell Mr Satie to, you know, speed up a little, it's been forever

Five years ago, the East Of England Liberal Democrats posted a photo of two transgender women, me and @Zoë O'Connell, wearing “Bollocks to Brexit” T-Shirts.

It is a sign of how far UK politics has fallen that that is utterly unthinkable now. Both the total erasure of transgender people’s existence and acceptance of Brexit are utter orthodoxy across the political spectrum there now.

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Something that's not as important as the hatred, but seems incredibly weird to me, is how it's suddenly become important for politicians. Doesn't that seem really weird? Compared to like the 90s and 00s. That this is suddenly so important for non-trans people who have no real contact with trans-people other than them being a part of the population. I mean, what's going on in their head that it's suddenly important for them? If it's because of social media /éminences grise/, why is it important to *them*? It just seems bizarre. I mean I suppose I *understand* it, but it's always like *so, that's a thing*.

People always point to ghouls like Musk when they say that money can’t buy happiness.

Counterpoint: Enya. She made a load of money. She bought an actual castle. She retired to said castle to become a reclusive cat lady.


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makes me wonder about the other rich people I've never heard of because they're just living rich and happy.
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From "The Terrible People" by Ogden Nash:

"The only incurable troubles of the rich are the troubles that money can’t cure,
Which is a kind of trouble that is even more troublesome if you are poor.
Certainly there are lots of things in life that money won’t buy, but it’s very funny -
Have you ever tried to buy them without money?"

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it is necessary but not sufficient to have money in order to be able to buy happiness

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Fictional alien time travellers can’t be black, insist morons

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but they can still be carnivorous flowering shrubs, right? RIGHT?
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@goatsarah Of course Capaldi wasn’t the first Scottish one even if you ignore Tennant putting on an English accent. Sylvester McCoy very much had a Scottish lilt.

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I don't trust anyone who sneers at service industry employment because those workers are disproportionately women and minorities, which is also why those jobs tend to pay poorly.

But there's nothing wrong with someone working at a fast food place and having a comfortable lifestyle and it's only your internalized racism, misogyny, and classism that makes you think otherwise.

Everyone deserves to have nice things.

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Unknown parent

If anything, I think that service industry workers should make a comfortable living wage solely because they have to put up with a never-ending stream of the general public at their absolute worst. Those that have ever worked retail, fast food, or cleaning services know just how terrible and entitled humanity can be when they feel that there's someone who must cater to their every whim, and I mean right frickin' NOW!

The customer is absolutely, positively NOT always right.

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my hot take is that i think a lot of these jobs arent needed and that people are being disproportionately put into these jobs instead of into more lucrative or stimulating career paths. So much of our economy is built just to serve more privileged people and that's so disheartening to me. Ive worked these jobs too and always treat people nicely.

Apparently this beach is accessed only by sea.


Free soloed the bigger, down and up.

Because I can.

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A setting like that might convert me to limestone if I ever dig my moccs out again.
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@Ghost of Hope our limestone is a bit chossy, but it’s usable if you know where to go.

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I see the current lot in power can't even get reimplementing section 28 right without effing it up. They're de-facto section 28ing the straights too.

No discussion of sexual assaults and consent until MINIMUM age 9. (Some kids will be 10)

No discussion of actual sex or the negative effects of porn until MINIMUM age 13. (Some kids will be 14)

Have they actually ever met a teenager? Do they think nobody experiences sexual harassment or assault before they're 10?

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the men implementing this derranged nonsense have been keeping quiet about sex since they started boarding at Public school...
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Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK
@celesteh I think this is actively intended to affect all kids including the cishet ones; and is an attempt to roll back the "permissive society", particularly the gains in freedom that occured in the late 1980s and 1990s (which during the Tories time in power only occured as an unintended consequence of neoliberalism, and Thatcho herself said she regretted this a few years before she kicked the bucket)

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!Fediverse News Happy 14th Birthday #Friendica!

Happy Birthday to the oldest fediverse server project that is still actively maintained. This marks the beginning of development of the Mistpark decentralised social network. We decided not to wait for "quit Facebook Day" in 2010 (May 31). We hit the ground running and haven't looked back. (Mike Macgirvin) 14th Birthday #Friendica!

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Just stopped at a motorway services for a coffee. You know the place; sells petrol.

The bin was on fire.

At the place that sells petrol.

A couple of women just sitting next to it, watching the bin be on fire.

I went and told someone. The bin is no longer on fire.

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That's even scarier than the cashier at the filling station here coming out onto the forecourt for a fag break.

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Border in the Irish Sea!

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Money talks

But it can’t sing and dance

And it can’t walk

As long as I can have you here with me

I’d much rather be



Fellow ADHD types: I have found vegetable cheat mode. Before you boil them, chuck a shitload of MSG in the water.

Downside: I have now run out of vegetables and need to eat my own lips.

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I try to overseason it on prep and put in the oven
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Update: really used too much.

Can you eat desks? Asking for a me.

I think the "1936 Olympics" vibe was maybe putting people off a bit.

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But without the novelty of being the first Olympics to be televised.

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Just a tip: If NHS England succeeds in shutting down alternative routes for trans people to buy cross sex hormones that are legal to buy over the counter in other countries then they will have completed a proof of concept of the means to shut down unofficial ways of buying oral contraceptives and morning after pills. They’ve already tested how to shut down a crucial one of its kind clinic by painting it as scary…

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"First they came for the socialists, but I'm not a socialist and I had plenty of my own problems..."

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Trans people are probably the biggest per capita users of private healthcare in the UK. British people are generally suspicious of any non-NHS healthcare so the cultural hurdles for shutting down private clinics are lower than, say, in Germany (where there is less of an extreme divide between private and Krankenkasse healthcare). I reckon private clinics are the next targets, giving the NHS (and thus the government) a monopoly over trans people's healthcare.

Me, in southern Portugal: you seen that Spain and Morocco are contemplating a rail tunnel?

@Zoë O'Connell, also in southern Portugal: But they won’t build a rail line to here? WHY EVEN IS SPAIN?

Me: That would be HARD, Zoe. They’d have to build a rail line over at least THREE KILOMETRES of line across land nobody lives on and construct a bridge of about TWO HUNDRED METRES.

So difficult.

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Spanish railways were originally built to six (Castilian) feet. Portuguese ones to five (Portuguese) feet. These are, however, only 8mm different - Portugal being 1664mm, Spain 1672mm.

When the two networks joined up (1880s), they agreed a compromise "Iberian" gauge of 1668mm, and gradually all track was switch to that, which was officially completed in 1955.

So yeah, they already fixed *that* problem 70 years go.

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More apps and services need an "I don't fucking care" button to permanently bypass useless warnings and other annoyances.

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I thought the only legal options were "Yes" and "Maybe later"?

900 metres up the Algarve's tallest mountain in the middle of the night. Shockingly dark!

Worth it, though.

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