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The levels of childishness and privilege on display are astonishing. And yet they sum up the Terf thinking perfectly.

At some point there has to be a global realisation that the Terf dream is a genocidal one and not only that it is one that is impossible to realise.

This report should be in the media now. As it shows, clearly, the disgusting desire for eradication as well as the childish, pathetic inability to exist in society that epitomises the GC.

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Majid Al Suwaidi, the director general of Cop28 and one of the top aides to Al Jaber (head of UAE’s national oil company), told the Guardian:

"Climate change is one of those things where we’re all interconnected,” he said. “We can’t solve the problem individually. We have to solve as a collective. That’s what makes it difficult. And so there’s no simple bad guy, good guy in this discussion."

Yes there is! You're the fucking bad guy, you!

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Please form an orderly queue...

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We wanted to understand what is causing the intense wildfires in Canada. So we talked to three unvaccinated truckers at a Tim Horton's near Ottawa.

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This Washington Post headline is false, and it's disgusting.

SCOTUS did NOT require Alabama to show favoritism toward Black residents. What actually happened was, SCOTUS upheld a decision that requires Alabama to change its racist gerrymandering, which discriminates *against* Black residents.

Please don't support journalistic malpractice like this. If you have a WaPo subscription, please consider canceling it.

#USPol #Racism #Journalism

A screenshot of a Washington Post headline, dated today. The headline reads "Supreme Court: Alabama must drawn new voting map favorable to Black residents"

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@torvalds 👏 👏 👏 👏

(Though that instance really should defederate from poast)

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Meanwhile on Windows 11 in the UK right now…
Senior programmer to intern:
“Remember, the Brits don’t say zip, the say postcode!”
Senior programmer:
‘’Change every instance of Zip to postcode”
A screen shot of the windows file manager right click dialogue box where it should say compress to zip file it says compress to postcode file

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@sk A web search seems to indicate that yes, it is real, at least in a preview build.

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A bit more subtle, in Microsoft Teams :
- When someone posts an image in a conversation, display "<username> sent an image" as last activity in the summary; of course when that someone is the current user you should display "you" instead of the username
- All right now let's translate that to French. So "sent an image" becomes "a envoyé une image" and "you" becomes "vous"
- What do you mean "vous a envoyé une image" is incorrect because "vous" is second person plural but "a envoyé" is third person singular?

A couple weeks later Microsoft showcased their new "AI-powered" Bing Search with inviting messages on the login screen. Of course these messages were machine-translated to French and the results were hilarious.

Software is hard, languages are hard, localisation is hard. Some people don't know that, and some people don't bother doing it properly. Microsoft seems to be in both categories at once.

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Musk is a Russian asset.

#Musk shares video of pro-russian Tucker Carlson blaming Ukraine for #Kakhovka dam blast

Carlson has now launched his show on #twitter His first episode accused #Ukraine of destroying the Kakhovka dam. Carlson argued russia, occupying the east Dnipro bank, gained nothing as it would flood that very area.

Musk significantly increased the video's reach by sharing it. Before the retweet, Carlson's video had 57 million views; Musk added another 29 million

Read more here🔗

@EugeneMcParland Musk's interesting in the wtf sense.

Is he a far-right Russian asset because he hates his trans kid and hates that Grimes left him for a trans woman, or was he always a far-right Russian asset who was trying to disguise his far-right Russian asset status by pretending to be just a mediocre batshit multi-billionaire from a racist family?

I don't really care because either way he's a far-right Russian asset but it's interesting to some people. Probably.

@Ghost of Hope @Eugene McParland Yeah. I've followed him for ages and have always been excited about SpaceX, but he has just turned into a bigger and bigger twat as he got older and it's so very disappointing.

Ok, mealybugs. I didn’t want to resort to “a fuckton of pesticide”, but you have left me with no choice. You brought this on yourselves.


will mildly soapy water not help?
@Jack It reduces their numbers. 2 weeks later the infestation is back. The problem is, you either get total eradication, or they just come back.
and d you spray the beds too? And fish tank gravel too, surpress the hatching of eggs in the topsoil.
@Jack Everything. Also dust with diatomaceous earth. There are simply too many hiding places.

starsan* as a regular treatment kills green n blackfly deader than a 70's DJ's career

But you do need to repeat regular like

*Brewery sanitiser. Terrifying stuff

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I'm angry that my lungs feel like they did when I used to smoke. I'm angry that the sky is orange. I'm angry that there are wildfires in Quebec. I'm angry because of global warming. I'm angry because there are dumbass republican voters who refuse to believe that carbon causes all of this because some board of directors paid an ad agency to convince them otherwise.

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For 3500 moneys, Apple’s AR visor had better be using the high quality heat tape, not the shitty stuff.

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Exactly what I was thinking!

Have you checked out the show? I’m reluctant to start until it’s over.

@Joseph Holsten Yeah. Been watching it. They changed some things up a bit.

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Longtermism is predicated on

a) the reasonable principle that we should care about the future and

b) the absolutely batshit proposition that we can anticipate millions of future years with any meaningfully precision and then grant that thought experiment more moral wait than actually living people, in order to

c) justify the capitalist status quo.

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Whew! Lot of follow requests this morning. If I had a gripe about Friendica (actually, I have many but that’s the nature of using a really neat but ultimately cottage industry bit of social media software), it would be that it makes dealing with them all kinda long winded.

Reddit is giving every impression that it’s circling the drain right now.

Reddit Laying Off About 90 Employees and Slowing Hiring Amid Restructuring

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@FeralRobots @theory Honestly don’t know. It feels like it’s done out of left field to me too, and I use Reddit quite a bit.
I find the idea fascinating that there might be some kind of watershed caused by Twitter's decomposition. Like, people are suddently skeptical of social media hype, & that translates into being skeptical about things they maybe shouldn't be that skeptical about. Like how a lot of solid companies cratered in the dot-bomb because the market lost faith in fundamentals. HP e.g. had a rock solid record of improving numbers for decades, but suddenly that wasn't good enough.

Once again, seeing the whole, "Fediverse is full of Europeans who keep refusing to frame social justice issues strictly from the point of view of USians and this is definitely very problematic everyone!" thing.

And I can't help thinking, "Have you tried taking your cultural imperialism and shoving it up your arse? Maybe that will help?"

where is this hate coming from 🙃
one of the joys of the fediverse is that I'm organically coming across more world news.

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DeFascist war on woke

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Anyone whenever the press talks about something they actually know about: Wow, these guys just talk utter crap for clicks!

The same people when the press says the US is hiding aliens from them: This seems very credible and legitimate.

Lots of articles on how to eradicate mealybugs.

But every single one is wrong. You can’t. They are forever.

I hate them so much.

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So, again I woke up to find 28,766 restored tweets

After deleting all 38,000 tweets in November

After redeleting 34,000 tweets a month ago

This morning 28,766 came back

This IS a breach of the EU rules on data processing

Please boost asap, don't like it, boost it


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